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Our Purpose : Empowering Lives. Enabling Growth.

We want to be a part of the reason for people to have the opportunity to grow. Growth that comes from connectivity, access and opportunities - to seek, learn and grow

Mission Statement

At MFBJ, our mission is to empower young talent and businesses to grow to their full potential. We enable diverse work-forces and companies to become strong, skilled and superior via our access platform and services. And in doing so find a way out of the ‘skill divide’

That simply is our mission - Everything we seek to do reflects this mission and the values that will make it possible.

Why myfirstbigjob.com?

India is fast emerging as an exciting growth destination for the young leaders of tomorrow. Myriad new jobs and opportunities are abounding for the prepared. Yet India is also struggling with the challenges of “skills divide” and seeking ways out to bridge the skills gap. Why? The answer is that there is significant shortage of talent and skills for large cross sections of industry – both traditional and the emerging ones (like retail, agri businesses, mobile, IT and ITES, education, healthcare, manufacturing, analytics etc). Industry leaders are apprehensive and believe their growth charters are largely dependent on training and developments of such work-forces.

Making the growth happen and getting the right insights is not a matter of chance, destiny or luck. Significant preparation and careful planning is needed to make growth opportunities happen. The answers are mostly in finding the right “on the job learning experiences” right certification programs and availing new learning opportunities. MFBJ works with you to facilitate training, jobs, certifications and new opportunities. Visit the iBRAND section to learn more about getting started and iBOSS if you are a prospective employer, educational institute, certification provider, coach, trainer, guidance counselor or other similar.

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