Tariff/ Pricing

Title Type Price
Job Seeker/ i-BRAND
Registration (Basic) * Free
Includes 1 community Free
Each additional community Rs. 100
Additional 3 communities Rs. 200
Privileges registration Free

* Join Prime on details as indicated.

Employers/ i-BOSS Registration Sign up (with company domain email id) Free
Sign up (with gmail, yahoo or hotmail id) * Rs. 2000

* adjusted against future transactions of job postings, recruitment or outsourcing (on minimum 3 months staffing terms) .

Employers/ i-BOSS Postings Job Posting (Packages)
JOB-1 (For Single Job Posting) Rs. 500
JOB-5 (For 5 Job postings) Rs. 2250
JOB-10 (For 10 Job Postings) Rs. 4000
JOB-20 (For 20 Job Postings) Rs. 7000
Certificate Posting (Packages)
CERT-1 (For 1 Certification Posting) Rs. 500
CERT-5 (For 5 Certification Postings) Rs. 2250
CERT-10 (For 10 Certification Postings) Rs. 4000
CERT-20 (For 20 Certification Postings) Rs. 7000
Training Posting (Packages)
TRNG-1 (For 1 Training Posting) Rs. 500
TRNG-5 (For 5 Training Postings) Rs. 2250
TRNG-10 (For 10 Training Postings) Rs. 4000
TRNG-20 (For 20 Training Postings) Rs. 7000
Event/ Other Posting (Packages)
EVENT-1 (For 1 Event Posting) Rs. 500
EVENT-5 (For 5 Event Postings) Rs. 2250
EVENT-10 (For 10 Event Postings) Rs. 4000
EVENT-20 (For 20 Event Postings) Rs. 7000
CONNECT (Educational Institute)* Add College Students
Add Students (Free in BASIC)// One time set up fee of Rs 10,000 / CONNECT Hosting charges = Rs 10,000/pa (taxes addtnl) Rs. 0

* CONNECT is educational institutions (or colleges) uniquely exclusive online placement center - works like college intranet portal and is cloud based.

* CONNECT allows access to only authorized student, as approved by college administrator.

* CONNECT pricing plans vary by no. of students of college or institutions that are approved by administrator.

* Join C-PRIME on details as indicated.

Online Testing * No. of Tests (Packages)

* Employers conduct online tests. Find your talent

* Buy credits online at Rs. 100 per credit (=1 test)

* Create and upload your online tests - multiple choice

* Tests can be aptitude, Domain or Psychometric test

* Set test criteria on time, cutoff % and no. Of candidates

* Conduct as onsite or remote. Get back result online/email

# Additional taxes as applicable for all.

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