REAL - Real Experience and Applied Learning (Finishing School)

The Real Experience & Applied Learning (REAL) Portal offers short duration projects and assignments that help graduating students build real-world skills and learning’s, centered on technical, managerial, entrepreneurial, leadership, and other co-curricular opportunities.

What is a REAL Opportunity?

REAL (Real Experience and Applied Learning), or “learning by doing”, is skill development opportunity for students in real-world settings. Through the REAL portal, students can gain real-world skills, prepare for their careers, and achieve personal and professional growth.

As a business partner, employers can provide REAL opportunities in various forms offering 1-2-3 months projects to graduating and recently graduated students. Projects that while meeting your organization and business objectives allow selected students to work on your projects (under set guidelines) and gain first-hand experience of real world problems while enhancing their skills. The projects can be drawn from diverse industries, including:

  • Technical / IT Domain
  • Manufacturing and Process Industry
  • Sales / Marketing / Retail skills
  • Banking and Finance related
  • Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation skills
  • Agriculture and allied disciplines
  • Health Care and related
  • Hospitality and Service Industry
  • Leadership related

Note** : REAL Projects are typically charged at Rs.15,000/person/month.

(Example: 2 months project with 2 people = Rs.60,000. Taxes additional)

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